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I will, on occasion, honor requests. Here are some 90's uploads requested by fellow blogger reversalofjen/creepmagnet.

paris texas- so you think it's hot here?

Paris, Texas
is a punk rock band signed to New Line Records. They were formed at 112 S. Hancock, Madison, Wisconsin in December of 1997 by their barefooted bassist, Matt Tennessen.

According to CMJ New Music Magazine:

"Furious punk guitars that sound more rock than emo, backed by chaotic but somehow precise drumming...it's hard to believe Paris Texas were ever considered emo at all - there's much more bark than whine."

chokebore- black, black
By P. McCay - See all my reviews
Immerse yourself in stunningly gorgeous sadness.
Buy this album.
It might change your life.
The slow songs lull you into a deep, somber, grey mood for most of your evening. Passionate, but exercising such restraint, this is elegant melancholy. When Troy sings, "I died in a fire, I died in a fireeeee" you inexplicably know precisely what he means. You can simply feel it. "Valentine," in particular is thoroughly seductive. And then once you feel like you know what's going on with this album, the fast, concise moster "Alaskas" comes crashing through the speakers. By FAR the fastest and most conventionally rocking song on the album, "Alaskas" is also one of the most powerful. The original recording of this song (released as a b-side a year or two earlier) was far slower and measured. I'm not sure how they came to decide to speed this up so much and include it on one of the slowest albums this side of Codeine, but it was a stroke of genius. This frantically sped up tempo just adds to the desperation 100 fold and its just the kick the album needs right where it needs it. Oh, and don't confuse 'sped up tempo' with 'upbeat song' with lyrics like "i've been swimming in the noises of all these other people, trying to hold it all together, pretend everything is normal..." the song is simply the one moment where the tension breaks into absolute catharsis.

pinehurst kids- bleed it dry
90's emo rock. similar in some ways to built to spill, sunny day real estate and old jimmy eat world. "the onceler" and "spinning out" are good tracks.

chisel- set you free
Ted Leo's old band.
For its next album, the band enlisted Nicolas Vernhes and his Rare Book Room studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to record brand new material. The band first recorded a single, "It's Alright, You're Okay", in the studio and few months later booked Vernhes for 10 days. Within those ten days, the band tracked and mixed 16 songs. This new set of material found the band incorporating various Britpop influences, horns, Hammond organ, and thicker sonics into its sound. But the band also pared some pieces back to an almost minimalist rock aesthetic in order to push Leo's increasingly dark, personal lyrics to the fore. At the other end of the spectrum, Norborg contributed lead vocals to his own compositions "Oh Dear Friends" and "Morley Timmons". Leo also soloed on guitar more often on the album.

The band released its second and final LP/CD, Set You Free, in mid 1997, and set off on a well-attended tour with Boston band Karate. Chisel played its last show on May 16, 1997 in Knoxville, TN at the end of its tour. Plans to tour the West Coast and Europe were scrapped.

barkmarket- easy listening


was a rock music group formed in New York City in 1987. Personnel were singer/guitarist and main songwriter Dave Sardy, bass guitarist John Nowlin and drummer Rock Savage.

Barkmarket's music was usually loud and aggressive, touching on many styles (most prominently including heavy metal, hardcore punk and noise rock), but not resting definitely in any one genre. Critic Stewart Mason wrote that the band "can at times be frustratingly difficult to pin down, but their best work has a noisy, rattling power."[1] There were also odd touches that demonstrated an experimental edge: the eerie banjo and tape loops on "(Radio Static)" (from Gimmick), and the nearly delta blues acoustic slide guitar on "Visible Cow" (from L. Ron).

tar- jackson lp
The band released albums on the Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go Records labels before disbanding in 1995. During its career, the band released a total of four singles, four albums, two mini albums, and contributed songs to six compilations and split singles. Members of the band included original bassist Tim Mescher (only until 1991 and who also played for Shorty), bassist Tom Zaluckyj and guitarist Mark Zablocki, as well as Greenlees and Mohr. Zaluckyj and Mohr played unique guitars, crafted of aluminum. The band toured nationally and internationally with bands such as Jawbox, Arcwelder, and the Jesus Lizard. In 1994 the band made the decision to call it quits after releasing one final album. Over and Out was written and recorded over a period of a year and a half, produced by the band and engineered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston, and released in 1995.

favez- (from lausanne, switzerland)
This is a great album by one of the most underatted bands around. From Lausanne Switzerland sees the band take a more guitar - heavy rock orientated direction than their previous semi - acoustic Promise Ring-esque efforts. The likes of "Don't let the riot in" and "Son of Steve McQueen" show the band at their melodic best. Take a chance on these guys, you won't be disappointed!

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