Monday, April 21, 2008


as you may or may not know, i've changed blogs already.

i am now a contributer to a collective blog started by some fellow messageboard friends. i figure this way the blog will be updated much more often, as i am unable to update my own blog on a daily basis.

the new blog is

However, it is invite only. If you're a poster on the messageboard i'm speaking of, you are almost guarenteed an invite to view the blog. If you're a friend of mine or something like that, I will probably be able to get you an invite.

if you need to get at me you can leave a comment here because i'll be checking back occasionally. otherwise, PM me or any other creepeepy contributer on the messageboard and we'll help you out.



Stephen said...

yo dude, can i get an invite to that thing? almost as soon as jenna posted a link to it on my blog it went private. total bummer.

DEATH For the Whole World to See said...

Thanks for posting the blog man! We will add yiur blog to the Death roll and let us know if you's like to guest post!